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A Partner of The Hope Foundation is an individual or business who provides goods and/or services to help sustain our mission as a humanitarian conduit.

The success of The Hope Foundation is attributed to our generous Partners. If not for these caring individuals and businesses, The Hope Foundation would not have the avenues to fulfill many needs and requests. The Hope Foundation pulls together its Partners' resources to reach out to individuals and organizations that ask for help during these hard economic times.

Through the support of our Partners, The Hope Foundation has filled requests for needs around the world - whether it is a request from a third world hospital needing hospital beds and disposable supplies, or from a school in need of computer equipment, The Hope Foundation is willing to help.

Click on the states to see the individual businesses that have supported this foundation. While many businesses have donated, these businesses have given the foundation permission to be listed on this site.

If you would like a point of reference from any of the Partners, please ask your Hope Foundation contact for contact information. This information is given only with permission from the Partner. Or, call The Hope Foundation at 866-246-8219.

Want to contribute directly? All cash/pay pal donations go directly to support events and communitiy envolvement.